The Ego Empire

Preview Draft of book by Arius Hopman

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

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Born in 1940 in Kashmir, Arius Hopman is the son of a Dutch-English couple who motored from Amsterdam to India in a Ford Model A in 1935.

His adventurous parents were following J. Krishnamurti and Oriental philosophy, escaping the growing tension in Europe.

Hopman's father was one of the first white people to make the 17-day hike up into Ladakh.
As a child, his mother traveled the Trans-Siberian Railway several times between Europe and China where her parents were traders. Trained in sculpture in Florence, Italy, she was commissioned to sculpt many dignitaries in India, Persia and Africa — including Gandhi twice from life, PM. Nehru, Indira Gandhi et al.

The many places and communities he lived in shaped Hopman's early years. These experiences included being refugees from the Pakistan-India partition in 1947, residing in a conscious community in the Himalayas started by his parents, Iran in 1948, Italy in 1949 and Switzerland for ten years in the 1950’s.

By age 14, the multilingual Hopman had developed strong insights into the human predicament. Being introduced to so many new cultures and languages, sharpened his intuitive sensibilities and developed his capacity to observe human nature and cultural idiosyncrasies non-verbally.

In 1959, Hopman was selected to be an Exchange Student to the United States. He graduated BSc. cum laude in 1964 with degrees in geology, which began an avid and ongoing interest in paleontology and evolution.

From 1966 to 1968, he hitchhiked around the world, a trip which broadened his international perspective on humanity and the human condition.

He has lived on three continents including living outside of the United States for more than 30 years. After his marriage, he and his wife entered a year of Reichian Therapy combined with training in the Coital Alignment Technique.

He became an organic subsistence farmer in 1970 in Taos, New Mexico, where he built the first solar house. His part in founding and running Taos Solar Energy Association for six years led to tech transfer assignments to nine developing countries and two U.S. patents in appropriate technology.

As a result of strong promotion of solar energy, Taos achieved 2,000 solar devices, mostly solar adobe homes, and was briefly known as the “solar capital of the world.”

From 1973 to the present, Hopman has recorded 500 pages of insights into the human condition. To generate an income Arius started an art gallery, first in watercolors and then in fine art photography, which has to date generated over $1 million in sales (
He considers his psychological discoveries by far his most important contribution.

He moved to Hawaii in 1987, where he spent the next decade inventing and practicing the Integrative Inquiry process. This body-centered method for emotional clearing with long-lasting effects is a therapy founded on an understanding of the psyche/body relationship, the synergy generator and the chakra system.

This is the work that led him to an inquiry into the dynamics of the psyche and resulted in the writing of hundreds of pages of intuitive and observational notes on the human condition, including the present e-book, The Ego Empire.

Before that, Hopman shared his work through his manuscript Awakening Planet: News From the Inner Frontier (unpublished) and The Global Paradigm Shift a published 11-part newspaper column series, 2011 Kauai.

Hopman does two hours of yoga daily, hikes the 22-mile round-trip Kalalau Trail monthly and maintains an organic diet. He has never owned a TV, a new car, a refrigerator or a washing machine. He has lived seven cumulative years camping in a tent.

His main influences are Jean Liedloff, A. H. Almaas, Ramana Maharshi, Gangaji,
J. Krishnamurti, the Toltecs, Eckhart Tolle, evolution and Zen.


I could call this book “Confessions of an Ego”, because what I share here I mostly learned from my own psyche, as well as from working with hundreds of people over 12 years in emotional release therapy. So outlandish and unfamiliar are some of my findings that I have felt it necessary to verify and validate them over three decades before publishing. Presented in this synopsis are some of the key points of my introspective research. (Asterisks * are added at the beginning of formative insights or key points).

This book, The Ego Empire and the longer book titled The Ego Empire Exposed were written journal-style over 30 or 40 years of note taking, with some more serious writing over the last 10 years.

I have lived on the frontier of inner research for decades to retrieve this material. When I rarely talk about introspective research, people's eyes glaze over. My audience will be those who are sincerely seeking answers to the human predicament, discontent, addictive attachment, the repressed unconscious, unsustainability, the global ecological crisis, mass extinction (another uncomfortable topic. At last count we are losing 3 species each hour), male domination, 10,000 years of wars and much more. Admittedly, this is a mouthful, but it needs to be exposed and brought to the light of day.

There are two overarching patterns that define the human condition, which may put this excursion into the psyche into some perspective. Firstly, evidence is presented showing that historically we lived in a dynamic balance with nature during our Pre-Ego Era of innocence. We are now closing the Ego Era and undergoing our initiation into Post Ego species maturity.

Secondly, we can only understand the human predicament by understanding the dominant position of the superego. Invariably, suffering springs from attachment, and attachment, for- or against-, springs from the superego. We will see how the genetic superego was grossly expanded and distorted by a compounding error of conditioning pass from generation to generation. When we understand these two historical trends, the rest of the discussion falls into place much more easily.

Humans are not living their birthright of contentment, confidence and well-being. Instead we are “beside ourselves” in the bizarre twilight zone of the Ego Era. We cannot determine the true nature of humans living in an artificial environment any more than we could determine the true nature and behavior of animals living in a zoo. Like all other animals, our genetic and evolutionary home has been nature for over 2 billion years. Only in the last blink of an eye, evolutionarily speaking, have we been displaced into culturally invented language, artificial environments and the compounding ego program.

After two-plus billion years of evolution, we have finally arrived at… the false self: the insecure ego fašade. By a remarkable twist of evolution, the ego program has imposed itself at the top of our “consciousness” pyramid, while the true Self has languished for millennia in the cellar, repressed by ego dominance. This is the ego’s secret, which, like the elephant in the room, nobody wants to talk about. This fact is of primary importance to understand the dynamics of the human predicament and human alienation from nature.

Our human predicament is stranger than science fiction and unprecedented in the evolution of all life. Humanity is being held hostage by a cyber-program that perpetuates itself from generation to generation. Since it reproduces itself this way, it could be called a cyber-parasite.  As we will see, the ego (along with the active principle of the ego, the superego) is a cultural artifact and is not genetic. There is no place in the brain that is hardwired for the ego; it is learned and has taken over space in the brain. Nonetheless, the ego and superego have immense control over our actions and our emotions. They are like the mental servants who have commandeered the household and are running it with an iron hand. We are no longer in touch with our true Being.

So sophisticated and so prevalent is the camouflage of the ego that we no longer notice the reuse. Its primary deception is that it is our identity (ego equals “I” in Latin, a term used by Sigmund Freud). The ego imposes itself on innocent infants who are unable to challenge this violation of their Essential selves, their birthright. Thus the ego program is passed from generation to generation and takes control over more of our gray matter each time. This compounding error is the source of the unsustainable destruction of the biosphere, and will, by definition, not last. We are now witnessing the final throes of ego/superego domination, as we end the Ego Era and enter Post-ego human species maturity.

For centuries the ego-identity has gone unquestioned, which has allowed it to get denser, ever-more dominant and addictive. It is the primary distortion in our psyches.

We can only define the ego as the “false-fašade self” if we can glimpse, or deduce, the  existence of the true Self. It was only when we understood the earth to be spherical that gravity came into focus. The flat-earth hierarchy came crumbling down. Only when we recognize that the ego is a conceptual, mechanical program can we sincerely ask “then who am I, truly” (Ramana Maharshi’s basic question).

The ego is addictive and compulsive because it has become reflexive, which is to say it responds habitually, addictively, ie. faster than thought: it has been accepted as our second nature. In psychology this is called “a conditioned emotional reaction pattern”. The ego is a petty tyrant because most of our “civilized” actions in the artificial environment, that we have chosen to build and live in (also a cultural artifact), are conditioned from an early age and have become rigid habits.

Our species has become frozen in mentally learned habits that we may not be able to shake, just when we have created a global catastrophy that requires us to rapidly adapt.

The meditator asks: “where do thoughts come from?” and “what is pre-thought?” Introspective research shows that thoughts moti-vate e-motion, and vice versa in a vicious cycle. If not done consciously, this is a distortion and subversion of direct attention to the living Now.

Our attention has been hijacked by ego-mind, and ego-mind is not letting go. For survival reasons in nature our attention must reside in our 6 senses and the Living Now of direct perception. Therefore, ego-mind is an attention trap, and all of globalized culture is caught in an unsustainable and addictive attention trap.

After two billion years of evolution, we now find ourselves caught in an evolutionary trap that is consuming the planet to fill an empty emotional hole that can only be fulfilled by liberating our essential Being, our original self.

Our compulsive ego trap is now manifesting on the physical level with compounding unsustainability, which is finally getting our attention. With any luck, we are waking up from our ego spell/nightmare. Oscar Wilde said: “History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awaken”.

We have been accelerating on a dead end road and are about to hit the wall… Or if we are lucky sober up.

Knowing that we are trapped can motivate us to explore the nature of the trap and where it came from: We evolved a quantum shift of intelligence on a nature-based planet of thirty-plus million innocent species that are all self-balancing (including population, male-female balance), self-recycling, self-healing, self-renewing (youth-favoring), self-cleaning, self-diversifying and in general life-affirming… All of this and more, quite effortlessly and without control or intervention!

The miracle of nature's ability to self balance is innocence (in-nocere, “not knowing” in Latin). Humans developed “consciousness” on an innocent planet; so far, the results have been devastating upheaval.

Humans evolved mechanical “intelligence” and invented work, effort, linear (conceptual) time (deadlines, schedules, goals and expectations) etc.: Here came the beat of a different drummer; a new form of “order” unfamiliar to nature and self-balancing natural order.

While our neo-cortex is genetic, the inventions made by the neo-cortex are not. This is important because these artificial mental constructs is where the conflict arises between the mind and the natural world, including our bodies and our genetic makeup.

But, importantly, the first 200,000 years of Homo-sapiens, we lived in sustainable balance with nature, in innocence, as nomadic hunter-gatherers. It is quite likely that the type of memory we term voluntary recall emerged with the neo-cortex well before language, maybe even during Homo erectus two million years ago. Stone tool making, for instance, shows the sequence of intention and outcome that indicate conceptualization.

Certainly, intentional selection played a major part in the radical sexual, physiological and anatomical changes that occurred in both sexes during the pre-Homo sapiens and pre-verbal era. There is much archeological evidence that a natural loving balance was common between early men and women. That balance probably survived late into the ego takeover due to the genetic centricity of women in the family (“gyno-centric” Riane Eisler The Chalice and the Blade) as men biologically provided for- and defended the family, while women primarily bore- and raised the children. Devotion to women and the family by men, and affection/sex was the glue that kept the family/community together for the unprecedented length of human childhood and adolescence.

We can also extrapolate the likely origins of ego (self-image): the major leap that allowed thinking and the development of “mind” was a quantum of intelligence that initiated, for the first time in evolution, the memory of voluntary recall.

Many animals have the memory of recognition, which still allows them to live spontaneously in the present, but their response to a direct experience is informed by experience: recognition of a circumstance they had experienced before, not by voluntary memory.

As humans evolved the capacity to conceptualize and voluntarily remember (including emotionally), the accidental byproduct was the ego. Slowly at first, we started conceptualizing about ourselves, thereby creating a mental mirror of “self”: the ego.

Voluntary recall is a revolution and an entirely different type of order. Attention to the conceptual actually displaces direct multidimensional experience with linear thought. This shift into abstract, linear thinking opens up new possibilities, but it is also an invitation to ego and the ego trap that is now so prevalent and so addictive that it may lead to Homo sapiens’ extinction, unless we can successfully transition to the Post Ego Era . Linear thinking is an overlay, a projection, veil obstructing direct experience of Now. This conflict is creating mass extinction and exploitation of nature.

This revolution initiated the shift of (genetic) attention in the physical senses to the (new, cultural) mind with all its artifacts and inventions, including ego, language, and the artificial environment: all mentally-derived innovations are not genetic, but are cultural artifacts. This fact cannot be emphasized enough, because to understand the ego trap we need to understand difference between our natural, genetic potential and cultural innovation.

This polar shift of attention initiated: concepts of linear past and future, therefore the ability to compare one experience with another, therefore value judgment (division/fragmentation), preference, desire and attachment (all mental). We invented (mental) history of self and the world, therefore continuity of self-identity and ego-mind. From this follows: death and fear of discontinuity (mental). Linearly conceptualizing reality into bite-sized pieces allowed for the idea of “improvement”.

We have been “improving” on nature for thousands of years and witness the disaster we have created.

Language began only about 60-80,000 years ago. Vocalizing concepts is not only communication to others, it is direct feedback to oneself, thereby reinforcing ego. Vocalizing linear concepts implies shared meaning and a hierarchy of intelligence.

We began taking our cues increasingly from mind and less from sensory direct experience.

 Stimulus-response is a basic sign of life. Human ego invented a new step: stimulus-concept-response. In the programmed concept lies a minefield of potential error, based on projection, prejudice, bias, belief, attachment, greed etc.

As the ego gained dominance, it also gained control, which compounded these programmed errors.

The proto-ego attached itself to three genetic traits that gave it the great power of genetic tradition (phylogeny).

1.) The newly evoked dominance hierarchy, which expressed itself as male dominance over women/family/clan, war and the ongoing arms race.

2). The power of habit, which in nature is efficiently designed to become reflexive with use. Reflexive means it bypasses choice and fires automatically and sub-consciously.

3). Having far more sinister and long-ranging consequences, was the bonding of the ego with the genetically hard-wired superego. In social animals, likely further back than the reptiles, the survivability of young animals was enhanced by inherent obedience: deferring to the greater experience of adults. Rapid maturation in a genetically well-suited ecosystem (and therefore few corrections by adults [50-100/lifetime]), meant low neurological use of the superego, which, as a result, was easily discarded at puberty when the young adult animal asserted its sovereignty and shifted to maturity.

Ethnic, nature-based hunter-gatherer still live within their genetic blueprint and have very little to dominate/scold/correct their children about, therefore they are relatively free of superego dominance. See Jean Liedloff’s classic book “The Continuum Concept” and excerpt below.

Not so for children with long years of youth, in artificial environments, raised by ego-bound adults, and language to be scolded and corrected with. This combination is devastating. Saddled with over 100 corrections/day (Duke University) for over at least 15 years of home and school, …or hundreds of thousands of corrections, scoldings, reminders, put-downs and punishments, the child looses self-confidence, their bright joyfulness, curiosity, vitality, will power and adventure spirit. Consequently, “civilized” children have been cheated out of their very Essence.

No wonder then that adolescents, burdened with this overwhelming weight of superego, flounder rather than exert their personal sovereignty. They have been brain-washed, into the ego culture, while their true self is repressed into unconsciousness.

We break their spirits the way we house-break a pet or break-in a horse. They are condemned to a life of adult-child co-dependence. Any authority can manipulate their dysfunctionally huge superegos. They make perfect slaves for the industrial/corporate machine. They also make perfect consumers, deprived of their essence, they spend a lifetime trying to fill an empty emotional hole by consuming the planet. Consumerism can never fill that hole; only the retrieval of their original Self can do so.

In modern times, the internalized parent/teacher/authority (superego) had grown to unbearably monstrous proportions. It monitors, evaluates, judges, punishes and corrects our every move, causing great suffering.

The modest mammalian superego, evolved to defer decision to parental experience, has in humans become a runaway program that directs the dysfunctional activity of modern society. But even the mammalian superego has the capacity to switch genes on or off via the epigenome when motivated by circumstance (Mowatt, Never Cry Wolf).

My own superego pushes or pulls me with conditioned value judgment interpretations (biases) several hundred times a day. Over, say, 55 years, that’s millions of superego admonitions in addition to what I received as a child. It used to yank my emotional barometer up or down like a yo-yo. Every time I fell for it, the superego habit/program was enforced… and every time I became aware of it, I was closing the feedback loop to consciousness and calling the bluff on the dysfunctional program. This is the urgent work being called for in our present dysfunctional/unsustainable culture. If we want to be free, we have a choice to break this cycle and not be driven by a superego program.

We are in this ego trap, and this is also our wakeup call… our collective initiation into species maturity. It is the formidable task of breaking the unconscious superego cycle. We have a limited window of opportunity to do so, because we have unleashed global changes that are rapidly escalating. We have been cutting down the tree to get at the fruit, sawing off the branch we are sitting on, burning our bridges. Our house is burning and the scientists are busy measuring the temperature. This is our condition in the last days of the Ego Era. Now we have the perfect zeitgeist to initiate a scientific inquiry into the condition of the human psyche on a par with the Human Genome Project. If not us, then who??

To assist in this all-important transition from false self to true Self in the 11th hour, a collective scientific research program is called for. To be effective it must be on the scale of the Human Genome Program that unraveled the human DNA. It would encompass both scientific introspection as well as biochemical and electromagnetic testing. We have all the tools and expertise, we just need to put them to use. There is no time to loose.

We can only get to the mature Post-Ego Era with a radical polar shift to reverse this superego/true Self hierarchy. Only then will the ego start serving the true Self, not dominate and repress it. This polar shift is a shift from mind to heart and from concept to direct awareness of all the senses.

We can never get rid of ego, but we can work to clear it of its emotional charges, take on a new job description and become “transparent”, a helpful witness and an aide to the essential Self. Then the insecure ego no longer has the compulsive urge to direct the show. Then the true psychic order is re-established. The original and true Self has always been innocent, but with the aid of the purified ego/superego, it becomes discerning and no longer vulnerable to superego attacks (vulnerable to ego, as are innocent animals, children and ethnic peoples).

Personal sovereignty, the true Self, has to be earned and claimed by each of us. If we do nothing, the well-established, habitual, ego program prevails.


“The Great Way is not difficult for those who have no preferences,
Make the slightest distinction, however, and Heaven and Earth are infinitely set apart”.  -Treatise of The 3rd Zen Patriarch

When I was about 14 years old, at the Ecole d’ Humanite, an international school in Switzerland, I had a lucid insight that initiated a lifelong quest. I would forget this quest for years, but picked up the thread again and again over my life. That single insight defined a lot of my life’s purpose.

By that time I had listened to several of J Krishnamurti’s lectures in India, and had heard my parents read his verbatim reports for many hours. I was painfully aware of my own insecurity, inner conflicts and suffering, and saw the same in people young and old around me. While I didn't understand much of what Krishnamurti was talking about, key points were signposts for me, like “choiceless awareness” (later: non-attachment) and “freedom from the known”.

On this particular day I had a full-blown insight into human suffering. I saw rivulets of water flowing the wrong way over a field, causing erosion and anguish. People tried damming up the little rivulets as best they could, but to no avail. The negative flow kept coming and even increasing. As I watched this analogy I wondered if it would be possible to find the source of all the negative divergent flow and redirected back into its natural course? There must be some original or primal error and obstruction that is causing this collective suffering, I thought.

 The vision was profound and stayed with me for several weeks and then slowly faded. But somewhere in my psyche the question had been asked and remained as a quest and an intent that kept opening doors of insight throughout my life. Now that I am 72, I am clear that yes, there is a root cause of what I now see as the human predicament of suffering. Once discovered is easy to understand. It is less easy for people to accept the explanation because they are entrenched in the false mode and resist change with denial. We even become addicted to (familiar) suffering. It becomes our homeostasis, our familiar comfort zone. That, in fact is why the human condition is called a predicament. We become trapped in suffering, we indulge it until we forget who we really are and what's our birthright of confidence, curiosity, creativity and adventure feels like. We live lives of quiet misery.

It turns out that this curiosity quest was not only about discovering the primary root of suffering but being able to articulate it, write it down draw it in graphs and illustrations, and thereby manifest it physically to share with others. That led to an interesting discovery: as I started mapping my inner landscape to make sense out of it, I found that when I wrote it down, it opened up a new mini-inquiry. When one question was answered by the intuitive subconscious, it revealed the adjacent new question.

 I saw an analogy for this process: walking through the forest in a dense fog, I may vaguely see a tree trunk through the fog. But only if I move closer to it could I detect the details… And then in the distance another object appeared veiled by the fog. A bush? A rock? This way I could move through the forest and map it in spite of the fog. If I stood still, the fog would still shroud distant objects. I had to take the initiative to “secure” each discovery by jotting it down. The movement drew me forwards; the discovery was a process, a sequence. The inner landscape progressively revealed itself, until I had a clear understanding of the terrain. If there were missing pieces to the puzzle, I could often predicts their nature by knowing the surrounding terrain.

This became my informal research strategy, always driven by the curiosity whether there was an original cause to suffering? If I had not had that curiosity, I would not have had the motivation to search. This process also lead to the subtitle: “News From the Inner Frontier”.

Understanding the nature of the trap does not necessarily translate into liberation from the trap. Instead, it adds to the evidence that can lead to the conviction and perspective that can precipitate the process of rejecting the false trap and being willing to enter the unknown. This seems to be a necessary sequence to breaking old mental/emotional habit cycles. Is the process of closing the feedback loop back to the conscious mind. Then the emotional charge that has driven the compulsive conditioned emotional reaction pattern can let go. This is also the process of making the ego “transparent”.

Another spinoff discovery was that introspective witnessing is a direct experience. It is not mental-conceptual. The sequence is as follows: direct witnessing of inner experience comes first, and only then does concept/interpretation come in. This is also the way true education takes place: first experience, then conceptual understanding.

Surprise: we will see as we dive deeper that's the ego-superego, which has been so maligned in psychology is actually assisting in this discovery process. Like the snake eating itself tail first, the ego is educating itself in preparation for, as we will see, a metamorphosis towards the Post Ego Era and full maturity.

This e-book is designed to introduce Arius Hopman's more comprehensive book titled "The Ego Empire Exposed." The main insights in the work were developed over 30 years and tested repeatedly against reality to ensure they were correct.

This brief tour may be like a breath of fresh air to some who have wandered the same path and will find confirmation here. To others, these understandings may be shocking or confusing.

The main thread that runs through both books is the cultural evolution and dynamics of the human ego-mind, which, it turns out, is based in cultural conditioning and is not hard-wired into our genes.

Ego, therefore, is a cultural artifact, as we will explore.

The ego, as defined here, is the conceptualizing mind, memory banks, and the superego, which is found to be the active principle of the ego. “Ego”, or self-concept, cannot be separated from experience memory and therefore the cumulative concepts of the world. Everybody has different experiences and therefore different concepts of the world. All those concepts define the person’s ego/false self. This explains the huge divergence between political groups, religious groups and cultures: different ego empires.

Furthermore, where there is a thought, there is the thinker. This is why we are likely to identify with our thoughts, rather than with our Essence, which is who we really are, our true Self.

The cultural evolution of the ego opened up vast changes in human behavior. The author identifies it as a psychosis and an abnormality that is now destroying the world (half of all the destruction of nature has occurred in the last 70 years). The ego is a psychosis because we are not aware that it is compulsively running our lives.

The ego is also a juvenile cultural phase that must now come to an end if we as a species are to survive, become sustainable and in balance with nature.

We change effortlessly when we have the evidence that leads to the conviction that our present path is untenable. Here is some evidence that may help the process.

Pre History:

We are in the midst of a major unprecedented historical and even evolutionary shift. We can gain some perspective by analyzing the pre-historic trends that have led up to this shift.

Humans evolved “consciousness” on the planet of tens of millions of innocent species. In other words, for several billions of years, nature has evolved in the state of dynamic balance. Innocence, it turns out, is the key factor to maintain that balance. Ecologists understand that each ecosystem is finely tuned, promotes optimal health and diversity and is broadly life-affirming. It is “by nature” self-sustaining, self balancing, self-healing, self cleaning, self recycling, self diversifying/evolving.

We will talk more about the Pre-Ego Era later, which includes all of nature, all of primate evolution up until Homo sapiens and even a few hundred thousand years of humans who were still living in innocent harmony with nature.

In her book "The Continuum Concept," Jean Liedloff explains; she takes the human species back to Homo erectus who was making stone tools:

"For some 2 million years, despite being the same species of animal as ourselves, man was a success. He had evolved from apehood to manhood as a hunter-gatherer with an efficient lifestyle, which had it continued, might have seen him through many a million year anniversary. As it is, most ecologists agree, his chances of surviving even another century are diminished with each day’s activities. But during the brief few thousand years since he strayed from the way of life to which evolution adapted him, he has not only wrecked havoc upon the natural order of the entire planet, he has also managed to bring into disrepute the highly evolved good sense that guided his behavior throughout all those eons. Much of it has been undermined only recently as the last converts of our instinctive competence are rooted out and subjected to the uncomprehending gaze of science. Evermore frequently our innate sense of what is best for us is short-circuited by suspicion, while the intellect, which has never known much about our real needs, decides what to do.

It is not, for example, the province of the reasoning faculty to decide how a baby ought to be treated. We have had exquisitely precise instincts, expert in every detail of child care, since long before we became anything resembling Homo sapiens. But we have conspired to baffle this long-standing knowledge so utterly that we now employ researchers full-time to puzzle out how we should behave towards children, one another, and ourselves. It is no secret that the experts have not “discovered” how to live satisfactorily, but the more they fail, the more they attempt to bring the problems under the sole influence of reason and disallow what reason cannot understand or control."

Liedloff's reference to Homo sapiens having "conspired" shows the ego-mind at work, as does her point about “the sole influence of reason”. The last sentence in the excerpt also shows that ego-mind and subconscious instinct are mutually exclusive.

Furthermore, ego-mind assumes dominance and represses instinct.

In other words, for about a quarter of a million years Homo sapiens lived successfully and in a harmonious continuum with nature, our genetic home. This was during our innocent, female-centered, Pre-Ego phase. There is much evidence, which I go into in my book "The Ego Empire Exposed," which shows that imbalance and distortion started with the conceptualizing mind, language, the artificial environment and ego (all cultural artifacts), some 50-70,000 years ago (See Fig 1).

Figure 1

For 10,000 years we have been accelerating the consumption of the world’s natural capital. More than half of the destruction of nature to date has occurred in the last century and accelerating. Clearly, this is unsustainable, but obviously also unwise.

We are very smart, but not very wise.

We are now at the peak, not only of oil, but also of potable water, arable soil, timber, food and minerals. Estimates show that we are loosing over 70 species to extinction daily.

The good news is that we are approaching our limits and must urgently find a sustainable balance with nature. This can finally give us the motivation to break free from the exploitative mindset. The exploitation of nature, driven by greed — as we will see, an ego pathology — is coming to an end.

Restoration must become the new trend if we are to survive as a species. The party is over, it is time to clean up the mess, and pay the piper.

The accompanying Fig. 2, below, titled Culturally Delayed Maturity and copyrighted in 1994, goes back 2,400 years in Western culture. It represents several transitional shifts, or “nodes” (a word borrowed from wave theory), like the one from the declining Roman Empire to the rise of the Christian Empire.

Understanding the nature of these evolutionary waves can shed much light on historical events, give us perspective on our present circumstance and even foretell some trends in our immediate future.

Waves come in all sizes. The small “ripples” are the rise and fall of political parties, depressions, wars etc. The wavelets are the rise and fall of countries and shifts in consciousness. The waves are the rise and fall of the most pronounced empires and social attitudes, as shown in the graph.

But there are also larger swells, that arc over all these empires and take up many thousands of years to complete. The shift from hunter-gatherer to agriculture 10,000 years ago, or the shift from gynocentric society to a male-dominated one that progressed slowly between 30,000 and 15,000 years ago are such arcs.

In the 21st century, both agriculture and male dominance are now shifting into new forms. Prior to gyno-centricity was the beginning of speech 50,000 to 70,000 years ago. Vocalized, nonverbal communication surely goes back much further, even to our primate ancestry.

With speech came the rise of the ego and the slow decline of a sustainable hunter-gatherer lifestyle, which kept us in dynamic balance with nature for hundreds of thousands of years prior to the development of the ego.

The male-dominant cycle has continued for more than 10,000 years. It is characterized by a breakdown of the natural respect, trust and affection between humans and nature and between men and women. The resulting mounting frustration and disrespect has resulted in non-stop wars, including the accelerating war on nature.

The cycle we are now completing ends the male-dominated hierarchy and war-dominated ego empires. It will also end the repression of women and finally restore balance between the sexes, as well as between humans and nature.

Again, the good news is that all this spells the coming of age and maturity of the human race (by necessity, not by choice), and the Post-Ego Era.

We are expanding our perspective and caring from family to clan, to regionalism, to country, to western culture, to world culture and finally to all life and nature. Nature is always the final arbiter of sustainability; everything else is transitory.

Female-centeredness is a basic aspect of nature. Ever since the invention of sex, hundreds of millions of years ago, in animals as well as in plants, females have been the conduit of new life. Life has been birthed through the feminine. All lineages of all these millions of species are female-centered.

The male is only marginally involved in reproduction. As obvious as this is, we males need to remind ourselves of the facts to benefit from this sobering perspective.

Pre-Ego Era:

During the Goddess phase, women first became glorified and idolized (superego preference) and at the end of the Goddess phase were condemned and repressed (also superego judgment).

This great mis-polarization of the sexes, that we still suffer under, actually resulted from the conceptualizing mind, which broke the natural, spontaneous, instinctive attraction and harmonious love-synergy generator of innocent humans prior to the development of the ego-mind. This theme is explored further in my paper titled “Receiving Responsively and the Coital Alignment Technique.”

Concrete evidence of the Goddess cycle is scattered throughout Europe and Asia Minor in the form of sculpted Venus figurines, usually made of terra cotta and other materials, that date back tens of thousands of years.

The oldest known sculpture, a fully developed Goddess sculpture in mammoth ivory, dating from 30,000 to 35,000 years ago, was recently found in Germany. Therefore the devotion to the Goddess may have also inspired the beginning of art itself.

Such sophisticated, voluptuous, full-round representations of the Goddess required prior invention of carving tools and the firing of clay, likely making the Goddess era much more ancient. In fact, the idolization of the Goddess in sculpture may have contributed to her downfall, as we will examine.

In our wave analogy, there are also tsunamis or rogue waves that are random and may only appear in odd cycles of millions of years. One such that we’re in the middle of now is mass extinction.

Because of the unsustainable excesses of the Ego Empire era, and specifically the Business/Technology era that we are now ending, we are now in a major extinction phase that could extinguish 40 percent of the world’s evolutionary progress.

Unlike all other extinctions, which were caused by natural physical events, this one results from a psychological pathology: the conditioned, mechanical ego program.

During the 12,000-year reign of the Ego Empire, humanity has been increasingly experiencing reverse evolution as negative genetic traits enter the gene pool (human and domesticated), rather than being culled out by natural selection.

Here is a bulleted look at the compounding error that happened during the shift from hunter-gatherer to agricultural revolution:

• Sedentary lifestyle: decrease in physical activity, hunting, adventure, nomadic lifestyle. Loss of genetic home: nature

• Houses, shelters, the concepts of indoors, my space, shelter: ego

• Therefore hoarding and storage of surplus food and possessions
• Therefore population growth and standing armies

• Therefore huge increase in dominance hierarchy and dictatorship

• The accumulation of possessions

• Indoor better than outdoor bias

• Decrease of balance with nature that lasted for millions of years

• Disrespect and possession of Mother Nature (the fall from grace)

• Possession expands to land, plants and animals

• Condemnation of some wild plants (“weeds”) and animals “varmint.”

From the compounding error, we see the start of the war against nature:

• Fall of the Goddess Principle and devotion to the feminine that lasted for 200,000 years, (possibly 2 million years, see Jean Liedloff's "The Continuum Concept" and Riane Eisler's "The Chalice and the Blade")

• Men start disrespecting and possessing women: the breakdown of mutual respect, trust and the synergy generator. The distortion and debasement of sex.

• The beginning of the 10,000-year Era of War (the effect of the fall from grace)

• The rise and dominance of ego

• Takeover by mind over body and the rise of inner conflict and the repressed unconscious. Attention hijacked by ego-mind from attention to the living now.

• The beginning of “work”

• The beginning of money

• The beginning of clothing and shame of nudity

• Shelters, clothing and fire allow expansion/destruction of wider ecosystems

• Dominance/destruction of nature. Loss of species to mass extinction

• Population explosion, greed explosion and the squandering of the natural capital of the world

We will touch on the broad story of the evolution of the neo-cortex that defined Homo sapiens and has brought about the upheavals in ecology, but first it will be helpful to explore our present world situation. The cycles will make sense of much of the apparent present turmoil and chaos.

Figure 2

Note: Underlined text below refers to features labled in Figure 2. The graph in Figure 2 was created in 1994 at time when NOW was further from the FLASH POINT.

NOW: At this moment we are rapidly approaching the collapse of one unsustainable, but established, social system and the formation of a more sustainable social and ecology-based system. The counter culture was the fore-runner, the Arab Spring and Occupy movements are recent examples.

The tension between these two social orders defines our times. The fall of one system and rise of another is a basic pattern of nature. The cycles of Fig. 2 are consecutive bell curves that could equally apply to a family (child-spark, rise to maturity, begets child at top of bell curve, declines), or applied to a new species (spark) that is at first insignificant or repressed, rises to dominance in its ecological niche and then declines to a stable perpetuity.

The present node, as seen in Fig.2, represents irreconcilable differences between the old established order and the Counter-culture order and Occupy. It is apparent that the declining order is blind (denial) to the vitality/sustainability of the new order and therefore sees Armageddon as the only escape from the present conundrum.

The new order, however, was birthed as a response to the unsustainable excesses, falseness, selfishness and corruption of the old order. Thus the repression by the corporatocracy generated the New Age. The New Age was a fresh, more life-affirming response to the old dying order. Occupy is a second wave. Both are heavily repressed in a vain attempt to stop the inevitable.

During the last 2,400 years each successive spark and surge to freedom has resulted in institutionalization and the development of empire. The surge to freedom is unable to survive the pressure of institutionalization which also results in corruption, greed, repression/domination and eventual decline.

The vitality, which had infused the early Scientific Revolution, did not survive the later institutionalization and corporatization of that movement. Each new spark throughout the cycles of empires is hope springing eternal: a new possibility to finally find true freedom and maturity.

The fact that we are approaching the present node (end-and-new-beginning) of many cycles large and small is a powerful omen that this time we will break free from the 2,400-year cycle of institutional repression/learned helplessness as well as from the 12,000-year cycle of male dominance and war, including the war on and exploitation of nature. The greed cycle that made nobody happy is now finally coming to an end.

[Note: Uploading of this material will be continued soon]

(Note: Many of the following quotes were taken from books written during the yeasty 60’s era: the era of the newest “Spark” in Fig.2.)

THE SPARK is the expression of a yearning for freedom from repression and from the human predicament. It is an earnest search for the truth and a willingness to be exposed to the unknown. It is fresh discovery, raw vitality, vulnerability, daring and spontaneous originality. In Zen terms it is beginners mind. It is daring to step out of the garden of the known and plant new seeds there. It is a new shoot emerging. The spark also implies moving beyond the status quo, the decaying old order. Goethe’s famous quote is about this spark.

The spark always follows the dictum, "The truth shall make you free". This was the guiding principle of the Greek philosophers, Christ, the Scientific Revolution and, now, the Second Scientific Revolution of human consciousness.

THE SURGE TO FREEDOM-MATURITY  is the vital social movement that develops from the spark. It is intense, explorational and novel, a groping. At first, it is "underground" and then it goes public. The early Christians were literally underground in the Catacombs, while the early scientists were condemned and ostracized by the Church. The new surge, the "counter culture", the liberation movements, the civil rights movements and ecology have not gained full public acceptance yet. The surge is a social movement and an attempt to reach maturity and freedom from repression and from the bondage of the established program.

Every new surge to freedom calls the bluff on the existing repressive establishment. The decaying establishment responds with heavier repression, but must slowly give way as each vital surge asserts itself.  The spirit, vision and creative aliveness is in the new surge, but the money, power and control are still stuck in the decaying establishment.  The old establishment absorbs the new surge. The establishment survives as long as ego survives, but takes on a new guise.

The last surge that we are in now must prevail and graduate from the ego that has held humanity in bondage for thousands of years. The Ego Era is not sustainable, and by definition, what is not sustainable will not last.

THE FLASHPOINT Every new viable spark eventually goes public after the surge to freedom. Only the last one… the one we are now entering… is spelled out. It is public acceptance of the surge as being worthwhile. Going public empowers the new surge and has been historically also the beginning of institutionalization and rigidification of the surge to freedom. The surge becomes the new belief and the new code of conduct. This kills its vital force. The top of the curve is the full empowerment and institutionalization of the new belief. Adherence to belief is, by nature, repressive since it violates the ever-fresh here-Now.  Belief is not fact, it is mentally assumed “truth”, a mere picture of, or a concept of truth, not a living truth.

REPRESSION can be as subtle as conservatism, silent agreement, conformity and compliance with a cultural interpretation of the world (belief), or as violent as war, crucifixion, torture and witch burning. The repressive establishment of each era is shown as an Empire. Dr. Norman O. Brown's classic book, Life Against Death, starts as follows:

"There is one word which, if we only understand it, is the key to Freud's thought. That word is 'repression'... In the new Freudian perspective, the essence of society is repression of the individual, and the essence of the individual is repression of himself."

This author points out that the essence of the superego-dominated individual is repression of himself but that is a phase we are now ending.  The true essence of the adult is sovereign autonomy, self-responsibility integration and direct experience of Now. The establishment does not want to accept this because it means the end of authoritarian establishment. Violence is not an adult trait, as the movies and the War Dept. want us to believe. Violence is not a way to solve problems; it leads to more violence and the arms race.

By buying into the belief that the system is powerful and has the authority to control the citizen, each person casts a vote of acquiescence that upholds the system. This is a deadly agreement that has kept the populace in delayed maturity (dependency) for two millennia. It is a vicious cycle because a disempowered people cannot be self-responsible. They defer both power and responsibility to a government that is, as a result, overwhelmed and is pushed further into crisis consciousness and corruption. Complaining about government is just another symptom of juvenile deferment of power. True maturity is the only solution: the Post Ego Era.

A free and autonomous spirit has always been threatening to the cultural establishment, which resists change (conservatism). Conformity and submission to social pressure is culturally expected and is the trademark of someone who has not reached emotional maturity. Christ was crucified by the establishment for his maturity. He was autonomous, free and self-responsible; he rejected the surrogate parenting of the law. Christ could not be a submissive adult any more than a lion could pretend to be a cub. Unlike the ego-driven adult child, he was authentic to himself, just like all of nature is true to itself.
Only the false self is not authentic. Submissiveness is not possible in a self-responsible adult. Conversely, responsibility is not possible in a submissive adult. What passes for responsibility is mere programmed compliance.  True responsibility is always autonomous.  When governments understand this point, we will see an end to the repression/crime cycle.  Then governments (and parents) will understand the advantage of empowering, not repressing.

THE DECAY CYCLE… is a direct result of the deadening effect of institutionalization and the rigidification into “establishment”, whether it be government establishment or the institution (mechanical program) of the ego.  The Ego Era is in full control. It is a time of decline and indulgence. The original vitality of the surge to freedom has been used up because creative originality is repressed. Gross self-importance, corruption and hierarchy show up. The decay curve is eclipsed by the next surge to freedom-maturity, which brings in fresh vitality, and a liberalization of repressed unconscious material.

The decay of the Roman Empire included gossip, power, money, tyranny, corruption, indulgent entertainment, sex, etc.  The Church's decay included power, corruption, self-righteousness, Church chauvinism, pomp, prejudice, witch hunts, genital repression, torture, "religious" wars, condemnation, deception, sexual repression and colonization.

(We will have a glimpse into this era of history, and the clash of the Ego Era with the Pre-Ego Era towards the end of this e-book).

BUSINESS-TECHNOLOGY EMPIRE:  Modern Corporatocracy. The new technological power to manipulate the material world dramatically opens up the possibilities for indulgence. You name it; we've got it — addictive dependency on emotions, on possessions, on drugs, on machines, on pornography, on energy consumption, on authority etc. We have world wars, cold wars, war on nature, war on drugs, atomic terror politics, genocide, white supremacy, imperialism, gross self-importance, irresponsibility, corruption, conditioned mechanical behavior (the ego program), obscene greed, corporate take-over of government and the media, denial, all manner of abuse, sexual distortion, rampant built-in obsolescence, toxic hells, and a myriad of escapes from this neck-deep excrement.

 All around us we see extravagant monuments to giant super-mega egos. Their empires are facilitated one way or the other by technology and business. Inside, there are little people, usually insecure older white men, hiding. Corporations are impersonal legal entities pretending to be persons with personal rights and are symbolic of the misidentification with a false fašade self, the programmed ego.

The most peculiar characteristic of any establishment is that it is set up and run by pretend adults. Sanity and maturity are merely faked. The actual, however, is severe immaturity/distortion. The most power-hungry people in society are those who have been most defeated of their natural confidence in childhood. This should not be a surprise from what we know about the ego fašade. The establishment/ corporation is the ego facade that hides the actual immaturity behind it. Establishment exists as a hidden agreement between the oppressors and the oppressed, who are co-dependent on each other. As Ken Keyes points out (Handbook to Higher Consciousness): “It is as irresponsible to receive offense as it is to give offense”.

Just one perspective in point: We have become callous to the fact that modern nuclear arsenals have 6,000 times the firing power of all of World War II — that's 6,000 times 3,000,000 tons of TNT. Yet, as we now know, the entire nuclear issue is emotional. It is an artificial crisis.  "For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness..." (Ephesians 6:12, RSV.)

This discussion does not condemn establishment, whether it be government, church institution, parent or personal superego. But it does point out the deadly danger of continuing with a biased, hierarchical establishment that snuffs out free spirit. Called for are unbiased, interactive, non-hierarchical systems that are transparent to everyone.  Establishments are just tools that can be used creatively and benevolently or destructively and selfishly.

Alvin Toffler (The Third Wave) sees the trend and even identifies it as "decay". His quote is still relevant today: 

“… Recent events have severely shaken this confident image of the future. As crisis after crisis has crackled across the headlines, as Iran erupted, as Mao was de-deified, as oil prices sky-rocketed and inflation ran wild, as terrorism spread and governments seemed helpless to stop it, a bleaker vision has become increasingly popular. Thus large numbers of people - fed on a steady diet of bad news, disaster movies, apocalyptic Bible stories and nightmare scenarios issued by prestigious think tanks - have apparently concluded that today's society cannot be projected into the future because there is no future.”
Toffler did not see and therefore does not go into the psychological dimension of the present world situation; he did not understand that we are now experiencing both a decay cycle and, simultaneously, a vigorous surge, but he accurately reads the signs nonetheless: "The Third Wave shows us these potentials.” It argues that, “…in the very midst of destruction and decay, we can now find striking evidence of birth and life..."

THE NEW SPARK is what shook loose in the 1960’s — the generation gap, the counter culture/new age/alternative culture, women’s liberation, children’s liberation, sexual liberation, freedom of expression (long hair), and other liberation movements, ethnic rights, animal rights, the peace movement and Vietnam war protests, alternative education, alternative medicine, ecological consciousness, tree huggers and tree sitters, self-determination, preventive medicine/holistic healing and a holistic life style, psychedelic exploration, vegetarianism, as well as other planet-wide resistances to oppression. We talked about revolution, but following Gandhi and passive resistance coined the phrases “evolution, not revolution”, “keep on trucking” and “onward through the fog”.

THE NEW SURGE TO FREEDOM now consists of a very broad base of separate individuals, groups and organizations. It has not yet coalesced as an organized surge, even in 2012, because it has not yet gone public. For the same reason, it is not yet empowered and capitalized; it is still under the shadow of the dominant culture, which considers it at best suspect and at worst terroristic.

The reaction from the establishment to the new spark of counter culture was Reaganism and a rash of conservatism, including the take-over of the media and corporate rule. The country swung to the right with both Bush’s and even with Clinton. Now, as I update this in 2010, we have more greed and corruption at the top, chronic gridlock in government, global warming, corporatocracy (When Corporations Rule the World by David Corten), collapse of all major fish species populations world-wide (the other wild food species are long gone), an international grab for, and privatization of, water sources, a land grab by China in Africa, and China and India rivaling the USA as worst polluters.

Alvin Toffler, John Naisbitt in Megatrends and David Corten acknowledge the onset of these major social upheavals but none put them into a psychological context. 

Marilyn Ferguson, in Aquarian Conspiracy, correctly shows the two trends of decay and the new surge to freedom, which she calls “the old and new paradigms.” This is a time of collective awakening that has been a long-time in the making.  Christopher Fry, in A Sleep of Prisoners, muses:

“The human heart can go to the lengths of God. Dark and cold we may be, but this is no winter now. The frozen misery of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move... It takes so many thousand years to wake, but will you wake for pity's sake?”

As Fig. 2 shows, we now have a dominant down cycle (decay) and, simultaneously, a liberating up cycle about to become a major force. Going public requires calling the bluff on the underlying psychological dynamic of repression. 

The carrying capacity of the planet can no longer afford another phase of institutionalization and another empire. This time the surge must be the final push to the Post Ego Era of maturity and personal sovereignty, breaking the dominance hierarchy for the last time.

This e–book, The Ego Empire contains the unifying theory that was missing in the '60s. The new surge of the 60s and 70s rejected the establishment intuitively, but did not know why scientifically. Consequently, it resulted in a struggle between people.

Now we can see that all people, oppressors and oppressed alike, have been driven by a program that we need to collectively overthrow.

 Codependent oppressors and oppressed are part of the same game; cowards become bullies. When the bluff is called openly on the precise patterns of this lie, it can no longer survive. This unifying theory provides no escape from the truth.

While the Business-Technology Empire is decidedly left-brain, the new surge is whole-brain and integrative. The stifling structure of establishment is slowly being pulled apart from all sides by an expanding flood of consciousness books, honest news reports, articles, songs, television shows, movies, school programs, self-help groups and the global computer network. All are yearning for freedom. The truth can no longer be hidden. This is the facade self’s last stand. Technology is a neutral force. The truth/fact is being supported by high tech cameras, computers and recorders of daily reality. It is no longer so easy to distort the truth. This is why the inherently conservative establishment so urgently took over the media and has been systematically dumbing down the population with conservative propaganda since the 60’s.

The Supreme Court ruled in 2010 (Citizens United) in favor of corporate donations to politicians, breaking down the final barrier to full corporate take-over of the government. Unless this is corrected, it could mean the end of Democracy in the USA.

Any way one looks at the situation, it appears that humanity is trying it’s hardest to self-destruct. All our fancy “labor-saving devices”, props and toys have not made us happier. On the contrary, we are more stressed, discontent, fearful and enraged than ever. The frustration level is close to boiling point. Either we hide from the facts with denial, distraction, entertainment (in 2010, 110 million US viewers watched a football game), or we are looking into a future of diminishing returns and an escalation of global and local crises. Some see this as Armageddon.  Our self-inflicted global warming and the methane time bomb could change the dynamic radically in a short time.

 It is true that something must die; we are ending something here, but it is not a life form, it is a program! We are dying to our make-believe childhood as a species, to our co-dependent, oppressor-oppressed culture of greed and destruction. There is a very easy way of defining what is dying and what is continuing:  Again: what is unsustainable will not last and what is sustainable will... by definition. This simple formula should be the guiding principle of all our choices and actions. If we look at the decaying curve and the ascending curve it is clear which trend is more sustainable… in fact that was the motivation of the counter-culture in the first place.

Here’s another interesting fact about the two curves and our present situation: The power, control, military might and money are caught in the decaying paradigm. Since it feels supreme, it has repressed, denied, ignored and dismissed the counter culture. It is effectively blind to the counter culture. It recognizes that it is in decay and believes that when it collapses, that is the end of the show, Armageddon. It does not see, however, that the alternative culture has slowly, peacefully and methodically been building a new and more sustainable alternative lifestyle. So when it collapses, the energy simply shifts to the more functional alternative culture.

We tend to fritter away our precious energy and well-being in opposing something. The inevitability of the unsustainable not lasting should give us some peace of mind in this hectic world. We can simply plant our crops and tend to our communities. The change is inevitable and is in progress, whether we like it or not. The cycles of history prove it. Inevitably the age of dictators and other ego-maniacs is coming to an end: they are unsustainable. The ego itself is unsustainable as we can clearly see in the environmental destruction all around us. The make-believe ego fašade was necessary during our cultural youth, but like the chrysalis must fall away for the butterfly to emerge. We emerge mature, self-responsible, free and sovereign.

The down-side of technology is that it can be extremely addictive and destructive. We may not forget for an instant McLuhan's dictum, "the medium is the message".  What is the modern medium?  The average "civilized" human is glued to one machine or another most of their waking lives and most media is pretend and facade: That is the message.

The new surge breaks dependency on technology and uses it as an asset instead. Many authors note the new trend towards greater self-reliance, getting off the grid, working at home, subsistence organic farming and the rediscovery of nature.

Most importantly, the new surge to freedom-maturity is a surge to personal autonomy and emancipation from the oppression of the cultural and individual superego.

The age-old paradox is that the ideal (concept), set up to create improvement and progress, is actually the force of conflict and decay. Paradise was not enough for the young historical ego, which set about to "improve" on it. Today we suffer the results.

THE SECOND SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION  of consciousness is also the most recent surge—a science of synthesis, not only of analysis—right-brain/left-brain integration (holistic), not left-brain domination; inner-outer experience, not only outer; process oriented, not only goal (concept) oriented and actual, not theoretical. The second scientific revolution heralds our liberation from conditioned behavior and entry into cultural maturity—a trans-cultural individuation.  Now finally science and spirit can re-converge. This is a central theme of Awakening Planet, and much care is taken to substantiate it. Literally dozens of authors support this theory in many different ways without actually identifying the second scientific revolution that they are helping to shape.

3] F. Capra, The Tao of Physics et al.; G. Zukav, The Dancing Wu Li Masters; Ken Wilber, No Boundary; The Spectrum of Consciousness; Ken Keyes, Handbook to Higher Consciousness; Al Gore, Earth in Balance; Betty Edwards, Drazving on the Rights Side of the Brain; Norman Cousins, Head First: The Biology of Hope; Bill Moyers, Healing and the Mind; Deepak Chopra, Quantum Healing; Consumer Report Books; Mind/Body Medicine and many others.

During the Dark Ages, heaven was above a flat earth and hell was below. The earth was the center of the universe. To believe otherwise was heretical. Medieval astronomers were confounded in their calculations until an astronomer named Copernicus had the courage to re-focus the picture by imagining the sun to be at the center of the solar system. Instantly, the calculations became crystal clear. That shift in perspective launched modern science and eventually broke the Church's hold on human genius.

Gary Zukav, in The Dancing Wu Li Masters, adds:

“Scientific revolutions are forced upon us by the discovery of phenomena that are not comprehensible in terms of the old theories. Old theories die hard. Much more is at stake than the theories themselves. To give up our privileged position at the center of the universe, as Copernicus asked, was an enormous psychological task.”

The establishment suppressed Copernicus' and Galileo's work for 200 years. Galileo was only pardoned in the late 20th century.

THE SECOND SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION has many parallels with the first:  Physical science has only created understanding in outer, physical experience. The chaos and superstition of inner experience is based on a misinterpretation of reality as large as that of the anthropocentric world view of the Middle Ages. It is the egocentricity of the personal world view.  Just as unbelievable as the discovery that the earth is not flat or the center of the universe, is the realization that the ego, the compounded interpretation of "who I am" is in fact only a conceptual program and not "me" at all! This discovery undermines the facade self of both the individual and of the culture and is intensely resisted, because the establishment requires a disempowered citizenry to continue the program of subjugation.  Ken Wilber in The Spectrum of Consciousness asserts: 

“But surely the only sound, the only believable, the only scientifically reliable authorities are those conscientious explorers who have experienced all the various levels of consciousness, including both that of being an ego and that of transcending the ego. If we seek their advice on the nature of Mind, of mystical awareness, of ego transcendence, their opinions are impressively universal and unanimous; transcending the ego is not a mental aberration or a psychotic hallucination but rather an infinitely richer, more natural, and more satisfying state or level of consciousness than the ego could imagine in its wildest flights of fantasy.”

Wilber has been called "the foremost writer on consciousness and transpersonal psychology in the world today".

A. H. Almaas  in his book Essence notes that when the ego is discovered to be only a complex program and is misidentified with, then what remains is the true, essential self. He says:

“Essence is not alive; it is aliveness. It is not aware; it is awareness. It does not have the quality of existence; it is existence. It is not loving; it is love. It is not joyful; it is joy. It is not true; it is truth... Essential substance is so beautiful and magnificent that no imagination can conceive of its beauty, and no poetry can convey its magnificence... It is a wonder — a wonder beyond all miracles. It is our true nature, our most intimate identity.”

The misidentification with the false self, pointed out by mystics throughout time, has devastating consequences on all of human interaction, the interaction between humans and nature, and even more significantly on personal inner experience. The inner revolution is completed by re-identifying with true self; then all the calculations become instantly clear.  Inner conflict resolves because there is no more inner oppressor: There is order in the house; it is no longer divided against itself.  This inner revolution needs to go public. The book Awakening Planet is in relation to the present establishment as Copernicus' Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres stood relative to the Church establishment of the Middle Ages.

Every living beings' true identity is ever-new and fresh, a moment-by-moment discovery. The closest one can get to making a graven image of that identity is to say that it is the essence of aliveness: pure awareness, a witness of here-now. All of conceptual personal identity is simply a dead cloak from the past that covers — and obstructs — the free spirit of pure awareness.

Why has conventional psychology not discovered this truth?  Because behaviorism does not dare look inward. Analysis can never discover it from the outside. The scientific method of inner exploration is still in its formative stages. Psychology, which is the most urgently needed field of human study, has produced very few breakthroughs this century because it was side-tracked in 1913 by a bright young fellow named John B. Watson. Watson argued that since we can never know another person's experiences directly, they cannot serve as the basis for an objective science of psychology. The next best thing was to observe another's behavior and interpret it. Behaviorism was born.

A recent college text titled Psychology/Understanding Behavior (Baron, Byrne and Kanlowitz) notes: "Watson's views had an immediate and powerful effect upon psychology. In fact, his suggestions won such rapid and general acceptance that behavior quickly replaced conscious experience as the prime topic of psychological research." In other words, for the last 80 years, scientific psychology has lost touch with direct conscious experience of the actual inner workings of the mind! This is an incredible blunder that is costing the world untold suffering. It is the reason that technology has matured while psychology has remained stuck, with devastating results to the environment.

Behaviorist psychological research, modeled on the physical sciences, has a double, built in distortion—the neuroses of the observed compounded with the neurosis of the researcher. Furthermore, the psychological equation will never balance until all the components are factored in: One cannot talk about psyche without including body, environment and pure, non-conceptual awareness.

It is not yet understood, that introspective psychology and transpersonal psychology are in an entirely new dimension of scientific research, distinct from the outer sciences and needing a unique scientific method that is adapted to this inner dimension of research.  This is a new scientific revolution!

Superstition and belief are always touchy matters because, to the bearer of superstition and belief, they just look like "reality". It is only after a more encompassing truth is understood that, in retrospect, one can acknowledge superstition. The belief in the fragmented, concept-driven self as "adult" and "normal" is a superstition!  Awakening Planet will be controversial and may be met with disbelief.  But the evidence will stand firm.

THE FLASHPOINT will be the individual and cultural rite of passage into true freedom and maturity, which also means the shedding of conditioned mechanical choice and entering true choice. This means stepping into the here and now, and responding directly and appropriately to reality.

In his book Rites and Symbols of Initiation, the historian, Mircae Eliade points out that in tribal cultures there were two births — a physical birth, and then a second, spiritual birth for a person to become an initiated adult. The initiation served to cut the emotional umbilicus of dependency on parents and authority figures.

NOW, the Flashpoint will break the emotional dependency on-, and subservience to, all institutionalization, including the conditioned ego itself. The cultural Flashpoint follows the dovetail process of any innovation that at first finds slow acceptance and then gains rapidly.

Another way of understanding the Flashpoint is that, as our rate of experience increases (culture shock, future shock, information shock, traumatic shock, global brain, etc.), the cumbersome ego program cannot keep up and is shed like a spent booster rocket.

All the shocks are only shocks to the conditioned program. 

As the conceptual, mechanical nature of the ego is revealed, it highlights the seemingly unbelievable fact that we have been misidentified with a conceptual idea of self, not with our true selves. Only when we wake up can we see the dream as a dream! Until then it seems real.
There is a big distortion in cultural perception: people are simply drifting away from the dysfunctional system. They are casting the vote of their attention elsewhere. To the system (and only to the system) they become non-votes. Actually, they become autonomous, personally sovereign and self-reliant.
They are standing in the wings, a revolution on hold, waiting for the inevitable collapse of the Ego Era. They will reappear in full force when the culture itself shifts at the Flashpoint, a process that has already started and is expected to be complete in a matter of years.

THE FINAL SURGE TO FREEDOM-MATURITY includes breaking the addictive-dependent spell of the adult child as well as the culturally delayed maturity cycle. Outrageous as it may sound, thought has held attention hostage for millennia.

Freeing attention from compulsive thought is peace of mind.  Interpretation of reality is, by definition, false reality.

Compulsive thought is a trademark of delayed maturity and the modern adult. It is at the root of all addictions and is, itself, the toughest addiction to release. Anyone knows, who has attempted to meditate for half an hour without thought.  Thought comes crowding in, uninvited and apparently from nowhere.  It is programmed to do so.  Thoughts seem to be running the show compulsively.

Compulsive thought is so prudish that it resents the intrusion of reality! That is a serious distortion, and the crux of the human predicament.  If one identifies with one's thoughts, one has identified with a conceptual program. This is why one can state scientifically that civilized humans suffer from a profoundly mistaken identity.

  Ken Wilbur (No Boundary) quotes William James, America's foremost psychologist as saying:

 "Our normal waking consciousness is but one special type of consciousness, while all about it parted from it by the filmiest of screens there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different... the individual comes to feel, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he is fundamentally one with the entire universe.  His sense of identity expands far beyond the narrow confines of his mind and body and embraces the entire cosmos."

Habits and the familiar are a prison. Going beyond the known is freedom and maturity. Then the magic of fresh discovery is always present. This is the culture-wide yearning for the new. Now is always New, but the experience is contaminated with a veil of thought/interpretation/projection.

In advertising, "new" has even more pull than sex. People crave direct experience, in which everything is ever new. Thought is at peace when we identify with the witness, not with the thought. When compulsive mind chatter ceases, then attention can be fully present. We yearn for this fresh, direct experience. The historical dominance of concept is also the dominance of the left brain, the neocortex and the male ego.

Thought, in its conditioned blindness, prides itself in creating order out of the chaos of nature. Yet, chaos is greatest where mankind's concept-driven hand has touched.

Humans have set themselves apart.  Now, to redeem their own life support system, mankind will have to wake up to reality's and nature’s terms. We have no time to lose on further speculation. Either we find the courage to leap out of the conceptual known or we perish, aborting this experiment called "mankind".

As the Final Surge goes public, it touches everyone. It can already be traced in an increase of love and compassion, the unmasking of corruption and of double standards, commitment to truth in the media, men getting in touch with their feelings, all the liberation movements and environmental consciousness.  The darkness is still very thick, but light is showing through...

TRUE FREEDOM is freedom from both instinctive compulsivity and conditioned compulsivity. Intelligent, integrated and loving response has greater survival value. Freedom means perpetual discovery of the living here-now, a state of not knowing, groping, beginner's mind. There is nobody, no dogma to follow. Nothing is "established".

The Final Surge cannot be institutionalized as it was in the past. Direct experience of the here-and-now creates direct, spontaneous, effortless response. (Effort implies a trying: a goal and concept, already a separation from now.) Self-responsibility and personal sovereignty become a natural state. Identity is no longer bound to, or determined by, the inventory of memory. To live on this growing edge is real maturity.  Discovery and creative risk become a lifestyle. We can now look forward to a great thaw, a melting of the walls.

The challenge of the Second Scientific Revolution is to expose the collective lie and integrate the vast energy that is tied up in keeping it repressed. The unconscious is a culturally perpetuated trap. The paradox is that it is of humanity's own making. We have historically fallen for our own ego deception. That truly is going astray.

Direct experience, silent understanding (intuition) and spontaneous response (whole-brain) are much more efficient than inventorying, evaluating, interpreting and pursuing goals (left-brain, conceptual). Freedom is the ability to use both left and right brains and to be free of both instinctive-compulsivity and conditioned-compulsivity. J. Krishnamurti's book, Freedom from the Known, explains: 

“So if we completely reject, not intellectually but actually, all so-called spiritual authority, all ceremonies, rituals and dogmas, it means that we stand alone and are already in conflict with society; we cease to be respectable human beings. A respectable human being cannot possibly come near to that infinite, immeasurable reality... Let us state it again clearly: I see that I must change completely from the roots of my being; I can no longer depend on any tradition because tradition has brought about this colossal laziness, acceptance and obedience; I cannot look to another to help me to change, not to any teacher, any God, any belief, any system, any outside pressure or influence. What then takes place? ...But when you have thrown it off and have this energy in which there is no fear at all - no fear of making a mistake, no fear of doing right or wrong - then is not that energy itself the mutation? ...And when there is freedom, there is energy; and when there is freedom it can never do anything wrong. Freedom is entirely different from revolt. There is no such thing as right or wrong when there is freedom. You are free and from that center you act. And hence there is no fear, and a mind that has no fear is capable of great love. And when there is love, it can do what it will.”

Traits of maturity include equanimity, temperance, sobriety, forbearance and a ruthless commitment to truth and reality, no matter how they show up. Bondage to concept implies battling reality to achieve goals. Of the 30 million species that populate this beautiful planet, humans are the only ones who effort - the others "harvest but do not sow". Humans are also the only ones who are out of balance and are pathogenic to the planet.  All effort is battling the world: reality.  Do we really want to battle the world? Look at what it is doing to the world!

WISDOM… is cumulative because it is a win/win proposition: We are either winning from our successes or our errors. It can take years or centuries to gain perspective on conditioned error cycles, beliefs and trances. Science has been a major liberating force, since its commitment has been to the truth. Fully half of Awakening Planet deals with the process of entering maturity and freedom from the conditioned program. Wisdom is slowly shifting the balance from the divided, conflicted, displaced Ego Era to the integrated and mature Post Ego Era. Methods of recording and sharing wisdom accelerate the compounding of wisdom to the flash point and the new paradigm.



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